abas Business Software is so flexible, it will fit perfectly into your company! Due to the "Flexible User Interface (FO)" of the ERP software, the functionality required can be set up with a minimum amount of time and effort.


The already extensive abas standard functions can be extended by company specific requirements. The individual adjustments can also be made using the Java programming language. Company requirements are constantly subject to change, modifications and enhancements are easily carried out in abas ERP. Your software is always up-to-date using state of the art technology.

3 Tier Architecture

Due to the tiered architecture, the ERP software can be integratedoptimally into existing IT environments and upgradeability is guaranteed.

Abas System Base:

The system base consists of a stable, object-oriented database. The abas log database increases speed and efficiency, and is virtually maintenance-free.

Abas Core Functions:

The abas core functions encompass, for example, purchasing, sales, scheduling, materials management/MRP, production/PPC, accounting, interfaces and other functions.

Flexible user interface (FO):

The flexible user interface consists of the abas Tools, the flexible standard user interface and the individual user interface. It enables you to customize the abas Business Software to meet your requirements.