ERP use

For your benefit: the quick ERP implementation, the excellent price/performance ratio, investment security, user friendliness, flexibility, internationality and customer satisfaction are convincing arguments in favor of abas ERP.

Short implementation periods

The clear structure of the abas Business Software and sophisticated implementation strategies facilitate short implementation times, as well as the quick and smooth integration into the company structure and existing software environments. Through methodical software implementation the introduction periods are reduced by approx. 25% and the ROI (Return on Investment) is reached in a significantly shorter time.

Great price / performance ratio

abas ERP provides users with an extensive function range. Additional functions and adjustments can be made easily, flexibly and therefore cost efficiently - by the user or through the abas Software Partner. The high flexibility of abas ERP is exceptionally valuable for your company and enables new requirements to be satisfied. The ERP solution provides a multifaceted optimization and use potential, such as an increase in productivity, improvement of transparency and service, increase in competitive strength, cost savings, and much more. These advantages bring cost benefits in the user operation. The abas Business Software shines through with this above-average and excellent price/performance ratio

Future-proof and a secure investment

The ABAS Software AG has a continuous upgrade strategy to ensure that the business software will also be reliable in the future. A new version of abas Business Software is provided each year. New functions and technologies are always integrated into the software standard, abas users are always up-to-date.

Linux, Unix and Windows

Whatever operating system is best suited to your IT environment - abas Business Software runs using Linux, Unix and Windows. ABAS has supported the Open Source operating system Linux since 1995, about 80% of over 2100 abas installations are based on Linux. The flexible standard business software is also in the front end range using Linux. As has already been the experience on the server side, Linux is also distinguishing itself on the client side through great stability and excellent performance.

User friendly

The continuous uniform user interface, the systematic screen structure, the field, screen and topic related Online Help and the structure of the models according to the related functions make it possible to work securely, intuitively and effectively with the abas Business Software after only a short introduction. You can easily operate abas ERP via the graphical user interface and large parts can be operated browser based.

Customized, flexible and always up-to-date

Be it business processes, screens or database structures - your specific requirements can always be easily integrated into our ERP Software. abas Business Software can adjust perfectly to suit your organizational structure. The value and usefulness of your company software appreciate with each passing year. You partake in this progress - with every new version. Even after an upgrade your individual modifications are retained as, for example, individual fields in screens, own standard lists, new functions or own macros.

International and multilingual

abas partners worldwideabas Business Software is multilingual in the user menu, as well as in the display language. You can work with the same database in different operating languages. This simplifies working with your subsidiaries in other countries.
At present, abas Business Software is available in over 25 languages. ABAS is represented internationally by more than 50 partners worldwide, the partner network is being continuously extended.

Contented abas users

Numerous studies light up the ERP market: the abas users are the most satisfied and evaluate the abas Business Software giving excellent grades. For years now ABAS has made first place in the ERP study by the publisher Konradin. Also in the valuation portal ABAS achieved a top placing amongst the ERP providers in group B (solution providers for medium-sized companies).