Technology and architecture for openness and independence

abas eB uses open source technology and is, due to the implementation of Java, operating system and computer architecture independent.


The abas eB architecture is consequently divided into layers. The separation of Web layer, function logic and data access makes the application flexible for expansions and adjustments. Especially for Internet applications, which are constantly dealing with a changing environment, flexibility is of utmost importance. Moreover, the layer architecture provides the requirements for the abas eB scalability.


  • Apache Web server
  • Tomcat
  • Struts Framework
  • Java ServerPages (JSP)
  • Eclipse® Tool Platform
  • XML
  • Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)


Open for expansions and individual adjustments: abas eB is no black box! It is possible to make changes in numerous locations of the Web layer and the function logic. In doing so, the entire spectrum of functions from the abas eB engine are available. All those functions will be provided via Java API that play an important role in all applications: data access, security, monitoring, caching, error handling, etc.

abas eB is perfectly suited for being used as an integration platform. The architecture enables the access to different sources and external systems and integrates the extracted information in a role-based and personalized view. The use of standardized, technologies such as XML and SOAP is important in heterogeneous environments - in abas eB it is an integral part of the architecture.