i2s ERP-Z 2011 ERP user satisfaction survey

Satisfaction with software and partners:

x-axis: Satisfaction with the software (The further to the right on the x-axis, the greater the satisfaction of the users)
y-axis: Satisfaction with the partner (The higher on the axis, the greater the satisfaction of the users)


In connection with user satisfaction it is also interesting to know if the solution used would be recommended to others. The survey also provides answers to this question, according to region.

x-axis: The further to the right on the axis, the more software recommendations
y-axis: The higher on the axis, the more partner recommendations

Average implementation date and release change:

How old are the implemented software solutions and what is the release status of the users?

x-axis: Date of the first implementation of the ERP systems
y-axis: Average release status
Also have a look at the Trovarit survey 2010/2011 for the comparison of ERP solutions!
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